Solitronics Engineering Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SEL) is a private limited company established in Hong Kong on the 19th December 1967 as a specialist manufacturer of neon, incandescent and other signal lamps.

Subsequently, SEL have developed into the SEL Group, consisting of a small Group of companies with diversified business activities including the following:

Sub-contracting manufacturing for OEMs in the electrical engineering, electrical accessories, electronics and electrical appliance switch industries;

Exporting of semi-finished materials, components and parts for the electrical, electronics and lighting industries;

Investment and Management of industrial, commercial and residential properties mainly in Hong Kong.


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1.         Head-Office Administrative Center and Sales & Export-Unit Hong Kong

Our Head-Office, located in Hong Kong, is the Administrative and Sales center of the Group. Affiliated with our Head-Office is: a) Our Export & Trading Unit which handles mainly the export of goods manufactured by different units of the SEL Group and b) Logistics and Warehouse Unit in Hong Kong for the SEL Group.

Office Address:

Solitronics Engineering Ltd.
2202, Perfect Industrial Building;
31, Tai Yau Street; San Po Kong;
Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, CHINA


(852)-2730-8145  ( 5 Lines)






Dept. E-mail:   ¡@,,



            Note:  Centralized Contact & Communication Center in Hong Kong

All correspondence, E-mail, Fax, D-fax and other communications to be addressed to the Head-Office in Hong Kong.

 2.         Manufacturing & Sub-Contracting Units in Guang Dong Province, China

PVE Factory Fong-Kong Village, Dongguan China
KW Factory Fong-Cun Village, Guangzhou China

3.         Property Investment and Management Unit in Hong Kong

M. P. Choy & Associates Ltd. San Po Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong 

4.         Logistics Center and Warehouse Unit in Hong Kong

Solitronics Engineering Ltd. Warehouse & Logistics Unit; San Po Kong, Hong Kong

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1.         Manufacturing/Sub-contracting Department, China.

Solitronics PVE Dongguan manufacturing Unit is a specialist manufacturer of high-end neon-lamps, neon-lamp-assemblies, incandescent-lamps and neon and LED signal-lamps and pilot-lights for the electrical engineering and electronics industries.

We have over 40 year¡¦s experience in the production of neon-lamps, neon-signal- lamps and neon-lamp-assemblies and we are most probably the only surviving manufacturer of high-end neon-lamps in the world.

We also make the following for the electrical-engineering, electrical-accessories, electrical-switch and electrical-appliance industries:-

(i)                 High-quality LED signal-lamps, LED-assemblies,

(ii)               Miniature incandescent-lamps and assemblies,

(iii)             Neon, LED and incandescent Pilot Lights and Indicators.

Our Dongguan manufacturing facilities is ISO 9001 certified since 1990.

Our worldwide OEM customers for the above products include such multi-national companies as Schneider-Telemechanique, Schurter, SAIA-Burgess, ABB, Legrand, Caradon (MK) Plc, Oshino Lamps etc.

We also make special custom lamps and assemblies in accordance specifications and drawings of our OEM customer in the electrical-engineering, electrical-accessories, electrical-appliance, lighting, automotive and marine accessories industries.

We have many years of experience making special and difficult sub-assemblers with neon-lamp for switches, electrical accessories and electrical or electronic assemblies for European, USA and Japanese OEM customers.

2.         Trading and Export Management Unit in Hong Kong.

Our Trading and Export Management Unit located in Hong Kong handles import of raw materials for our own manufacturing units and also exporting of both our own manufactured products and also the following goods from our associated and partner factories:

Tungsten-wire, nickel-wire, nickel-plated-steel-wire, molybdenum-wire. dumet wire and brass lamp caps for the lamp-industry and corona wire for fax and copying-machines OEMs.  

Contact Rivets and contact parts made of Ag, Ag-Cdo, Ag-Ni, tungsten & tungsten-alloy; beryllium-copper & titanium-copper strips for rocker-switches, micro-switches & thermostats.

Our Electronic Components Trading Dept. Hong Kong is importing and exporting in the following products:

LEDs, LED modules, LED assemblies, LED strip-light, LED GLS Lighting, LED-Drivers.

A comprehensive range of Halogen lamps, Appliance Lamps, Automotive Lamps, Marine/Navigation Lamps, Special lamps and GLS lamps.

A wide range of miniature power relay and relay base equivalent to Omron and other known brand relays.

All types of standard & special carbon-film, metal-film, metal-oxide film, fusible resistors, wire-wound resistor, SMD resistor, cement resistor.

A wide range of switches for electrical engineering, rocker switches, micro-switches for the appliance, lighting and electronics industries

(Including types rocker switches, key-switches, tact switches, 16mmØ & 22mmØ push-button switches, micro-switches for the electrical and electronics industries.

            All types of alarm device, piezo electric buzzers, magnetic buzzers, horns etc.

Brass terminals, Splice-bands and splice machine for the electrical and electronics industry.  Automatic 2mm and 4mm splice-machine and 2mm & 4mm brass- splice bands. All types of terminal-crimping machines and 2.8mm, 4.8mm & 6.3mm Quick-Connect-terminals, ring-type-terminals, connector-receptacle terminals.



3.         Property Investment Department, Hong Kong.

M. P. Choy & Associates Ltd. is our Property Investment Unit in Hong Kong which manages our Group¡¦s investments in commercial, industrial & residential properties mainly in Hong Kong.


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The market areas for goods manufactured by the SEL Group include the following:

Main Market: USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK and Japan.

Other European Markets: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Turkey.

South East Asian Markets: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

South American Markets: Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela & Uruguay.

Middle East & African Markets: Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel, Beirut, Morocco, South Africa.


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